Protecting your personal data is for us a priority. When navigating or placing an order on The Markies website, you are sharing personal data and you are accepting the below Privacy Policy which states our commitment to comply with current legislation. So, we recommend you to read it carefully and to feel free to send us any question or requirement in respect to your privacy rights. The Markies may alter or rectify this policy at any moment without prior notice, subsequently notifying the impacted users.
The Markies Lda is responsible for your personal data collecting and treatment. If you have any inquiries about the processing of your personal data, we will be happy to provide you with the information you need. Please contact us by email trough
The Markies has a legitimate reason to collect your data in order to provide you its services in the best conditions. Data like name, address, phone, email and billing information is necessary to provision, billing, payment and delivery purposes. Furthermore, we will use data for profile and customer analysis purposes with anonymous based procedures. In addition, we may use data analysis or ask you to provide us further information, specifically requested and only for purposes that you explicitly give us consent. These purposes are related to product suggestions and other marketing actions. This consent can be withdrawn at any moment. At last, The Markies Club collects photos or videos sent by users by their own will. This data will be used only for website and social media purposes as explicitly explained. Their upload translates your consent. Users need to be older than 18 years or we must have a parental authorization.
To ensure our online store and service efficiency and to complete your order, the Markies have to share some information with third parties. Only for this purpose. Whenever we choose our business partners, we are careful and hope they present same commitment for personal data security and privacy. These partners are:
  • External accounting company
  • InvoiceXpress billing software
  • Financial institutions for payment
  • Employees at The Markies service
  • Delivery company
  • Online platform management and service
You have legal obligation to guarantee the accuracy of your provided data as well as any change that might occur and with impact on our services. The user is responsible at all times for the veracity of data. The Markies reserves the right to exclude any user that provides fake information without prejudice to further legal action that may be taken.
We will keep your personal data in accordance to the law. You have the right to send us your request to change or delete your data at any time. The personal data owner has the right to
  • Access its personal data
  • Request the correction of its data
  • Request its deletion (in accordance to law timings)
  • Restrict the treatment of its data to service providing procedures only
All these rights can be exercised by sending a registered mail to: The Markies Lda Rua General Humberto Delgado, 2 – 5C 2685-340 Prior Velho – Lisboa Portugal We hope that it will never be necessary but we inform you that the owner of personal data may also submit a complaint to the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD).
If you are receiving marketing communications it means that you subscribe to that service and authorized The Markies to send you information about new products, discounts, events and other marketing initiatives. You can withdraw your permission at any time by enter your account and unsubscribing or sending an email to


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