The Markies are not just a way to identify your clothes
They define your lifestyle

The Markies are only for all people who share their personality and lifestyle. They allow you to make a statement, to silently speak about yourself. If you see yourself reflected in following characteristics, you are at the right place, The Markies are just for you!


The Markies are made for people who proudly stand for their opinion and choices. They never forget to express themselves with respect for difference and freedom.


The Markies are fun and like joyful people who value friends & family above all. People who love to laugh and enjoying every little pleasure in life.

The Markies say that trendy people are the ones that define their own style. They are fashionistas and decide what’s hot and what’s not!


The Markies dare to be different and give people the power to be original and creative. Boldness is brave, subtle and sometimes hides in small details.


The Markies love environment, nature and animals. They will always pursue animal mistreat and proactively seek for the more sustainable attitudes. They are careful about materials and planet impact.


Does your pieces of clothing have a story? Were they from your mum, your brother or your cousin? Reducing, reusing, recycling clothes is fashion and gives us a better world to live in! Give the example by showing your story.