Markies are supposed to “mark”, they are made to identify your clothes. We can think of a hundred scenarios! Look at some:
  • How many times does your brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend wear your clothes pretending not to notice? And this makes you angry…
  • After washing clothes, how to recognize everyone’s socks or white t-shirts at home?
  • How many times did you lose your belongings in the shower room after the game? How can you distinguish yours from the rest of the team?
The answer is simple: you need The Markies!

Yes, The Markies are made of brass because they want to be allergy free.

No, we strongly recommend you not to. They are supposed to be permanent, to mark your piece of clothing. It wouldn’t make any sense to remove them.
It is not supposed to. The Markies value environment and sustainability. It is very responsible to recycle and reuse, so several markies mean that there is a story behind this piece of clothing! And that is cool!
Yes, of course. That’s the idea. The Markies are stainless and washable…
The Markies are exclusively available here via our online store, and cannot be purchased from any other website or retailer.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Paypal. Base currency will be the euro.

Yes! We have standard shipping policies to most European countries. But we want everyone in the planet to buy The Markies! If you are from another country, send us an email to itsmine@themarkiesoriginal.com.
You can send the order anywhere except PO Boxes. Home, friend’s, mother’s, granny’s, the office…
You will receive an email with your tracking info as soon as your order has been dispatched.
We hope that it will never happen but if you are not happy with your order you can send it back, complete, in the 14 days after receiving it. As soon as you keep everything intact including all the packaging. Please read RETURNS for more detail.
Yes, you can exchange Mbags in the 14 days after receiving your order, if the bag is intact and all the Markies unused. You have to send us an email ant tell us which Markies you want instead previously to return of your bag to exchange. Please read RETURNS for more detail.
Yes, but the shipping cost will be at your expenses. You can use our delivery services or return it yourself. Please read RETURNS for more detail.

We are always very happy to hear from you! You can contact us by sending an email to itsmine@themarkiesoriginal.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply (business day). We work across different time zones, taking care of all customers around the globe.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp message: +351 960 298 204
Please note this number is a text message line only, and won’t accept voice calls.